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1. 1. How is the operating efficiency of the Credit departments of farmers’ and fishermen’s associations after the establishment of Bureau of Agricultural Finance?(2009/6/1) 2009/6/1
2. 2. What is the amount for cash deposit or cash withdrawal over the counters for the customers identify ascertainment is required in credit departments of farmers’ and fishermen’s associations?(2009/6/1) 2009/6/1
3. 3. Before debtor applies for credit rehabilitation or debt liquidation, where should debtor applies for pre-negotiation?(2009/6/1) 2009/6/1
4. 4. What is the amount of deposit covered by current deposit insurance?(2009/6/1) 2009/6/1
5. 5. What are the items under policy-oriented special Agricultural project loan and what are the interests?(2009/6/1) 2009/6/1
6. 6. Which institutions could I apply for policy-oriented special agricultural loans?(2009/6/1) 2009/6/1
7. 7. If farmers (fishermen) are incapable to guarantee their loans, how do they obtain agricultural loans they need?(2009/6/1) 2009/6/1
8. 8. If farmers (fishermen) need information regarding Agricultural project loan or have capital financing problems, what channels could they inquire, consult or ask for assist?(2009/6/1) 2009/6/1
9. 9. How to apply for Low-rate loans for agricultural natural disasters?(2009/6/1) 2009/6/1
10. 10. Where could I find the data for non-performing loans of farmers’ and fishermen’s association?(2009/6/1) 2009/6/1
11. 11. Where could I find the data for the profitability of farmers’ and fishermen’s association?(2009/6/1) 2009/6/1
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